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Anja’s German Learning Series – Season 2 is OUT

Hello everyone,

just a quick one today, because time is kind of of the essence :).
A few months ago, I told you about a new German “course” by Anja form the Youtube channel Learn German With Anja.
The reason I put “course” in quotes is that it’s actually more like a comedy series that is setup specifically for German learners, and at least if you like videos and quirky humor, I think it might be a good option.

If you want to read my detailed review, you can find that here:

Anja’s Learning Comedy Series – My review

The reason I am writing this today is:

They just released season 2

The story lines of season 1 get continued, but while season 1 focused on vocabulary and grammar of the A1 level, season 2 is now for level A2.

The basics are the same – again, you’ll get 20 modules with 3 short videos each, complete with subtitles and practice material.

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