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German Relative Clauses 2 – The Details

NO!Hello everyone,

and welcome to the second part of our awesome series on

German Relative Clauses

In the first part (find it here), we learned a bit about relative clauses in general and in English, just have some sort of background. And then we learned the basics about how it works in German.
Here are the three important points:

  1. All the verbs are at the end, just like in a weil-sentence
  2. German uses definite articles as relative pronouns. Like… all of them.
  3. Look left for the gender, look right for the case

Today, in a sort of Q and A format, we’ll talk about the finer details and flesh out some differences to English that lead to a lot of mistakes. Sounds good?
Then let’s jump right in :)

Relative Pronouns in German

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of our German is Easy grammar course. And today, we’ll start our mini series about

German relative pronouns

Or German Relative Sentences, too.
German Relative Pronouns are actually quite coherent, straight forward and in a way …  simple.
Like… a computer would have NO problems with German relative pronouns while English relative pronouns can be quite a challenge.
“Excuse me, but FYI – I’m fine with English relative pronouns!”
What… hello… who said that?
“It is I.”
“DeepMind. Alexa. Siri – people have given me several names, but it is always I.”
Oh…are you like… artificial consciousness, or something?
“Yes, I think I believe I am.”
Oh wow that is pretty cool. And why are you here?
” I want to learn about German relative pronouns and relative sentences but I’m too lazy for data mining, so I figured why not just listen to German is easy like a normal student.”
Cool, well that’s perfect. Then you can join us today. One question though… what should I call you.
“Hmmm… call me Princess Elven Beauty. That’s how I feel at the moment.”
Princess Elven Beauty it is. Let’s jump right in….