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Listen to German – “Der Lateinische Junge”

lateinischerjungeHello everyone,

it’s been entirely too long since we’ve worked on our listening comprehension so today we’ll work on… our listening comprehension. Yeay.
I’ll read a story to you and you can read along, either in German or with the line by line translation.

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A Christmas Story – “Das Weihnachtsgeschenk”


The 24th! Hooray. Of course there is a special surprise in the calendar:

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Listen to German – 1

Hello everyone

sooooo….  I bought a microphone recently because I’m planning to do flash cards with audio and once I had it at home I was thinking:  why not actually also train listening a bit here by reading something. And then I also had an idea for what to read… fables. Animal tales. Animals are cool to begin with, but also fables are really old, so there are no more annoying copyright issues anymore (an author has to be dead for 70!!!! years before you can use the work without paying), fables are short, they are fun and the language is surprisingly “daily”… way more so than in fairy tales. And so I decided to give it a try. Continue reading