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Listen to German – “Der Lateinische Junge”

lateinischerjungeHello everyone,

it’s been entirely too long since we’ve worked on our listening comprehension so today we’ll work on… our listening comprehension. Yeay.
I’ll read a story to you and you can read along, either in German or with the line by line translation.

Advent Calendar 5 – The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

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Listen to German – A Berlin Crime Story Part 2

Hello everyone,

wie geht’s euch :)?
Today, we’ll take a little break from all the boring reading and theory and instead do some

Listening Comprehension

I don’t know if you remember but last time, I read you a couple of chapters from a lovely novel for learners called “A Berlin Crime Story” and I really like it because it is not as dull and steril as many other books in that genre.
Today, we’ll take another peek into the book. And yes… you can totally win some copies again, because Janine, the author, is awesome like that :). Oh and she also has a website and a Youtube channel with lots of cool material for German learners. I’ll give you the links below.
But let’s do the practice first.
Oh, if you want to listen to part 1 again, you can find that here.

And here’s what happened up to where we’ll jump in today:

Listen up – Ich ziehe um

Hello everyone,

I didn’t have enough time to finish an article this week, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging.
So I decided that I’ll just do a little mini podcast as listening comprehension, telling you guys what’s going on and what I am up to :).

I didn’t have a script, so there are plenty of erm and uhms and I talked pretty much how I usually talk. (I am a slow speaker). I cut it up in segments to make it a little easier to follow and read the transcript, but it still might be a bit too fast for you , if you’re a beginner.

But maybe you can at least catch some words.
Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it and if you’d like to have more.
Viel Spaß :)

A Christmas Story – “Das Weihnachtsgeschenk”


The 24th! Hooray. Of course there is a special surprise in the calendar:

a Christmas story.

Listen to German – 1

Hello everyone

sooooo….  I bought a microphone recently because I’m planning to do flash cards with audio and once I had it at home I was thinking:  why not actually also train listening a bit here by reading something. And then I also had an idea for what to read… fables. Animal tales. Animals are cool to begin with, but also fables are really old, so there are no more annoying copyright issues anymore (an author has to be dead for 70!!!! years before you can use the work without paying), fables are short, they are fun and the language is surprisingly “daily”… way more so than in fairy tales. And so I decided to give it a try.

Listen to German – A Berlin Crime Story

Hello everyone,

wie geht’s euch heute? Last week was an all about grammar, so this week we’ll give those muscles a rest and instead focus on the muscle group called Earus Understandiceps with some listening comprehension. And today, I’m not going to read a short story. Instead, I’ll read a snippet of a whole book for learners.

Krimi in Berlin v1

V1 because it’s a three part series by now :).
The author is Janine, she is a German teacher (from Berlin, by the way) both in real life and online, she has a website with super useful free mini courses about German grammar (I’ll add all the links below), she has her own Youtube channel about the German language AND as if that wasn’t enough, she also writes novels for learners. And those are really lovely.

They’re well written and fun, she uses lots of colloquial language and slang that people ACTUALLY use in daily life, the stories are really up to date and “zeitgeist”-y and most importantly, she puts a lot of love into it.
Not like all those sterile, artificial learner books from the book assembly lines of the industry, full of preservatives and flavor enhancers and crap like that. Those will eat your soul.
Okay, no, they’re not that bad. But Janine’s books are better and funer and I’m really happy that she agreed to this little project.
We won’t read the very beginning because it is a bit slow, so let me fill you in on what happened so far: