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Listening Comprehension – Ljubljana

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to a new episode of my

Listening Comprehension Podcast

I think it’s episode two or three now, I don’t know.
Anyway, the topic this time is Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, which is a country in Europe, which is a continent on Earth, which is a planet in the sol… okay seriously :)
Slovenia is right under Austria. It has a lot of mountains, but also a tiny fraction of the mediterranean coast. It used to belong to former Yugoslavia, but it was the first one to become independent and it had nothing to do with the war that went on in the Balkans a while back. The language belongs to the Slavic family, but they’re not using the Cyrillic alphabet and all in all, it didn’t feel very eastern European to me. There are a lot of Austrian influences, the supermarkets are pretty much German (Spar, Lidl, Hofer … which is Aldi in Germany) and half the stuff there has German labels, but the impression I got was neither German, nor Eastern European but instead…. well, you’ll hear it in the podcast.