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Listen to German – A Berlin Crime Story Part 2

Hello everyone,

wie geht’s euch :)?
Today, we’ll take a little break from all the boring reading and theory and instead do some

Listening Comprehension

I don’t know if you remember but last time, I read you a couple of chapters from a lovely novel for learners called “A Berlin Crime Story” and I really like it because it is not as dull and steril as many other books in that genre.
Today, we’ll take another peek into the book. And yes… you can totally win some copies again, because Janine, the author, is awesome like that :). Oh and she also has a website and a Youtube channel with lots of cool material for German learners. I’ll give you the links below.
But let’s do the practice first.
Oh, if you want to listen to part 1 again, you can find that here.

And here’s what happened up to where we’ll jump in today: