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Word of the Day – “folgen” – Folge 2


Hello everyone,

and welcome to the second Folge of our look at the word


Last time we learned that the verb folgen is used more broadly than its English brother to follow and we saw why it makes super sense that the main idea of the noun die Folge is about consequence.
If you haven’t read it or you want to read it again, you can find it here:

Word of the Day – “folgen” – Folge 1

Today, we’ll look at the prefix versions of folgen. And then, just like real investigative reporters, we’ll go down to the yard, look through folgen’s garbage and discover an appalling secret. Or was it appealing?
Anyway, let’s waste no time and jump right in with folgen‘s prefixes.

Word of the Day – “folgen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time with a look at the meaning of



Now you’re like Folgen?! Isn’t that kinda boring?”
But no, quite the opposite: not kinda boring.
Actually, it’s super exciting. We’ll see the full scope of what you can do with the idea of following. And we’ll gain incredible, mind boggling insights into English and Latin, and super useful prefix versions that’ll twist our minds. and see heaps of useful words. And plenty of boring, dry phrasings that can help you give your B1 writing assignment just the bloat it needs.
Pretty cool right?
So follow me into the wonderful world of folgen.