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German Prefixes Explained – “ent-” Part II

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to the second part of our look at the prefix


In the first part (which you can find here), we learned that the core theme is removing but it can also lean toward out and for some verbs it even is about outward in a sense of emerging.
And honestly… if you’re just looking for practical information, that was all you need, because you can make sense of like 90% of all ent-verbs with it.

But hey… language learning shouldn’t all be about being practical and pragmatic and applicable. We’re not learning machines.
So today, we’ll indulge our inner nerd and look at the family and origin of ent- to get a few more insights. And also gather some material you can use on your next date to impress. Like…
“Did you know that ent- was etymologically related to antler?
“Uh… no. That’s so interesting.”
Absolute win. Also at parties.
And that’s not all because we’ll also see some more ent-verbs along the way, some of which are really really useful.
So are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s go.