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Word of the Day – “unbedingt”

*I know there’s a typo, I’m too lazy to do it again

Hi guys,

and back :)! Hooray!!
August kinda sorta low key sucked, because I was sick. Not what I had planned at all, but hey, that’s what happens if you don’t listen to your body and mind.
I mean, sometimes when we get sick, it’s just bad luck and risk of life, but sometimes, we have some part in it, and so by getting sick we basically also get a much needed nudge to make changes and be happier, healthier and sexier for it. And with more abs and chest muscles.
Anyway, so summer is over and I’m sure most of you are really hyped up to really get back to learning German.
And today we’ll take a look at a word that is just PERFECT if someone asks you if you want to learn some words. So get ready for a look at the meaning of


When I first started looking into this Saturday morning, I immediately spotted the bed in unbedingt. A first lead! But it led nowhere. Because the real core is something different, and I’m almost sure you guys have seen it already… the word Ding.