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Word of the Day – “weise”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time, we’ll have a look at the meaning of



It’s probably not a surprise that weise is the German version of wise. What might be more of a reveal is that the two are related to one of the German verbs for to know: wissen.  And there is wissen’s brother weisen (and its  zoo of uber useful prefix versions) which is basically the “causal” brother of wissen and originally meant “to make know”.
And now what is the most bestest way to make people know something?!
Power-Point Presentations.  (buy your Power Point here on Amazon, 10% off)
And that’s precisely what I have prepared for you about the weise-family. Are you ready for 176 slides full of boredom and bad layout about the family of weise?!?!
Perfect, let’s jump right in then with slide 1….

Prefix Verb Shorts – “die Ausnahme”

ausnahme-german-exceptionHello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of our summer series about German prefix verbs. This time we’ll have a look at a verb that is one of the main reasons why language learning can suck. Get ready for a look at the meaning of the verb

die Ausnahme

Wait… this is weird. I … I thought verbs don’t have articles. Is this one an excepti… what? … oh… ohhhh…  a noun… haha… right, I just thought… uh… I… let’s just move on. Die Ausnahme is a of course a noun, and having it as the topic for a prefix verb short is an exception. But there’s a good reason. Ausnahme is an exception indeed. In fact, it is THE exception.