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German Prepositions Explained – “aus”

In this episode:

"aus" is German for "out". But it's not that simple because like "out" it can be used for a variety of ideas. We'll look at all of them with plenty of examples.


aus, raus, ausgehen, ausfallen, aussehen, ausziehen, ausstellen,...,...

Hello everyone,

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Do you guys know what spaced repetition is?
It’s this algorithm that most vocabulary trainers have that brings back a word right before you forget it.
Well, here at Yourdailygerman, I’m one step ahead of course. I am using an EXTREMELY Spaced Repetition System™.
What’s great about this system is nothing, so that’s pretty cool.
And today, I’ll bring back a series that you were about to forget even existed. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for

German Prepositions Explained.

Hooray. It is back.
As usual in this series, we’ll take one preposition and look at it from all angles. And today, we’ll take a thorough look at the meaning of



First, we’ll look at it as a proper preposition, then we’ll check out how that changes when it is a prefix and finally, we’ll look at the most important VPCs, verb preposition combos and see if there possibly is some inner logic to them.
Lots to do, so are you ready to jump in?