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German Prefix Verbs Explained – “ansprechen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to episode number 152.167 of Prefix Verbs Explained. That’s how it feels anyway, and feeling is much more accurate than counting because it’s from the heart and the heart always knows.
I mean… except when it comes to grammar. And meanings. Then the heart is nowhere to be found.
“Hey heart, do I need Dative or Accusative here?”
Anyway, today, in the 152.167th episode of prefix verbs explained, we’ll take a look at the meaning of



Which is not only useful if you want to bring up an issue in a meeting (#businessGerman$$), it’s also what you should do when you’re single find someone interesting and attractive (#datingadvice♥ #absolutealpha).
“Erm… Emanuel, we wanted to bring up the issue of those hashtags you started using recently? “
Oh, that. I learned that it’s what you gotta do in 2021 if you want to appeal to a young, cool audience. Pretty cutting edge, right?
“No bro, it’s pretty stupid.”
Oh… #sad #realitycheck.
“… and also, Emanuel,  even though not all of us are exactly young, we’re already the coolest audience on the planet, Emanuel.”
Oh… you’re actually right!
Ha… if you’re new here, you’re probably REALLY confused now :)
But the content is usually pretty good. So let’s jump right in…