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Word of the Day – “achten”

In this episode:

A fun look at the various German words with "acht" (acht, Achtung, verachten,...) and what the number has to do with attention, respect and the observer effect.


My mic crashed during (or before) recording, so what you hear is the backup. That’s why it’s so bad. I’ll redo the recording in the coming days. Sorry for that :)


Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. And this time, we’ll take a look at the wonderful world of


Which by itself might not really be a verb you have on your radar, but it has some pretty useful siblings. Like Achtung for instance, which you might know from warning signs. Or Achtsamkeit, which is pretty central in meditation.
And of course you’ve all know acht, the number, which is the one who ate nine.
Or wait… that was actually seven.
Sieben acht neun.
And it’s not even funny in German.
Probably because nothing is funny in German.
Not even the show Friends, which in German was called Coworkers.
Anyway… there are plenty of useful German words with acht in them and today we’ll explore what they all mean, how to use them and of course how they’re even connected.
So are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s freaking go…