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Prefix Verbs Explained – “abziehen”

Hello everyone,

2020 is slowly dragging toward an end, but other messes are here to stay. Like for instance the series Prefix Verbs Explained, the series that’ll never ever end.
Today, it’s time for a new episode, in which we’ll take a look at the meaning of


Those of you who have thoroughly studied the archives here might know that I have an article on ziehen itself and in it, we do talk about all the prefix versions of ziehen. But there are so many that we didn’t really do them justice and also, the article is quite long. And by the way… do you know what else is quite long, at least in the eyes of my girlfriend.
My hair. I need to cut it.
Yup… German teaching in 2020, guys. Fresh, like we never left the school yard.
Anyway, let’s jump right in.