Advent Calendar 11 – Language Lego

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 9, 2023

“Language Lego”


Hello everyone,

and welcome to Day 11 of the German Advent Calendar, a Monday. And that means we’ll get ACTIVE again, today with one if the classic exercises of the Advent calendar:

Join the sentences

It’s an exercise for sentence structure and the idea is basically to combine separate sentences into one by using the right connector words, sometimes a relative pronoun and possibly also throwing in a few pronouns, for good measure.
Let’s do an example.
Here are the separate sentences:

  1. Es ist 8 Uhr abends.
  2. Trotzdem trink Maria einen doppelten Espresso.

And here’s how the combination could look like:

  • Obwohl es 8 Uhr abends ist, trinkt Maria einen doppelten Espresso.

And if you’re now like “Ohhh, that was sooooo easy.” then awesome – enjoy your Hybris while you can.
The actual examples are on a spectrum, from a little harder to a LOT harder.

Now, one thing that’s REALLY important is that there is not THE ONE CORRECT answer. Instead, there are multiple options and the more parts you have, the more possibilities there are to combine them.

So I can’t make this a classic exercise where you put in an answer and get automated feedback on whether it is correct or not.
So here’s how we’ll do it – you can just submit your versions as a comment and I will give you feedback on it… like… I’ll try my best to reply to everyone.
That way, you can also see other possible options and learn from other people’s mistakes as well.

One general tip for examples that have more than two parts… the order of the parts is not necessarily the order in the final sentence, so do swap around.
So without further ado, let’s jump right in.


Example 1

  • Ich gucke meine Lieblingsshow auf Netflix.
  • Vorher mache ich Sport.

Example 2 

  • Die Kommentare waren eine beliebte Funktion bei Duolingo. 
  • Trotzdem hat Duolingo die Kommentar-Sektion entfernt.

Example 3

  • Ich habe gestern zu lange Netflix geguckt.
  • Deshalb bin ich heute super müde.
  • Trotzdem gehe ich ins Fitnessstudio.

Example 4
(You definitely need pronouns here)

  • Maria hat sich vor einer Woche einen Pullover gekauft.
  • Der neue Pullover kratzt.
  • Deshalb verschenkt Maria den Pullover.

Example 5
(this one is HARD. Use indirect speech where necessary)

  • Marias beste Freundin sagt: “Bei der Dating-App sind nur absolute Topmänner.”
  • Deshalb hat sich Maria bei der neuen Dating-App angemeldet.
  • Maria mag Online-Dating eigentlich nicht.
  • Maria hat vor einer Woche mit Thomas Schluss gemacht.


Viel Spaß beim Puzzeln, have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.
Or in the comments, for some corrections :)

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