Advent Calendar 19 – Prefix To Hold


Prefix to Hold

Hallo Leute,

welcome back to our Advent Calendar, door number 19. If you’ve been here from the start you’ll probably remember that we did this exercise that turned out very very very very frustrating.
Well… we’ll do another one of those. And this one is gonna be even worse because it has more colloquial things that we’ve never talked about.
Hell freaking yeah!
The first one was about the prefix versions of the verb gehen. This time we’ll use the base verb


If you haven’t done the first one, here’s the idea:

I’ll give you ten sentences in English and you have to find which prefix version of halten is needed for each of them.
Of course, if you feel like it, you can also try and translate them, but the main point is finding the right verb in German.

Some of them are pretty easy, but there are a few in there that you probably never heard of.
So to make it a little bit less frustrati ..    even more more fun, I’ll give you a list of the verbs that are used in this work out below the work out.
But try to do it on your own first, please.

I didn’t have enough time to use my exercise setup where you get to push buttons. So we’ll have to go with the yellow color again… sigh, I know. But I left out the verb itself. Solutions are in the audio.
You can find all verbs used below the exercise.
Viel Spaß.
Oh, by the way, the whole work out is Christmas themed ;)

Oh and another thing: if you’re on Firefox you’ll likely have issues playing the audio. The browser is being a diva about that. You can access the mp3-files directly here.


  1. The reindeer stops the sledge.
    Das Rentier ___ den Schlitten ___.
  2. The reindeer sticks to the rules.
    Das Rentier ___  die Regeln ___.
  3. The reindeer holds the door open for me. (thanks, bro!)
    Das Rentier ____ mir die Tür ___. (“für mich” is also okay)
  4. The reindeer prevents/keeps me from working.
    Das Rentier ___ mich vom Arbeiten ___.


  5. If it wants to be on time, the reindeer has to hurry.
    Wenn es pünktlich sein will, muss sich das Rentier _____.


  6. The reindeer is heckling at the comedy show because it couldn’t take/stand the bad jokes anymore.
    Das Rentier ruft bei der Comedy-Show dazwischen weil es die schlechten Witze nicht mehr _____   _____.
  7. When Santa Clause and his elves are fighting, the reindeer stays out of it.
    Wenn der Weihnachtsmann mit seinen Elfen streitet, _____ sich das Rentier ____.


  8. The reindeer holds his nose, because Santa is smoking pipe again.
    Das Rentier ___ sich die Nase ___, weil Santa wieder Pfeife raucht.
  9. The reindeer talks the whole evening about Gender studies with the elves.
    Das Rentier ____  sich den ganzen Abend mit den Elfen über Gender-Studies.
  10. When partying, the reindeer drinks very fast. It is hard to keep up.
    Wenn es feiert, trinkt das Rentier sehr schnell. Es ist schwer, ____.

verbs used (some are used twice):

aufhalten, zuhalten, sich ranhalten, mithalten,
sich raushalten, aushalten, anhalten, abhalten, unterhalten, einhalten

And, how’d you do? How many did you know? And do you know other prefix versions of halten? Let me know in the comments and if you dare, you can even make an example.
Schönen Tag euch und bis morgen.