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Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 20, 2022

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to your favorite German learning website ever.
And today, we’re in for another episode of

I have a new feature

Hooray :).
We’ve already had quite a few of these episodes in 2021, but that was really only the start.
I have a lot more ideas on how to make YourDailyGerman more useful for you.
And today, I’m really happy to finally bring you… drumroll please…

Audio Recorder 2.0

So last summer, I added an audio recorder to the site. There’s this little mic icon on side (or bottom, on mobile) and when you clicked it, an audio recorder would open up, where you could record yourself reading the examples and then compare it to how I say them.
But that was really only a test run for what I REALLY had in mind…

Because… last summer I also started using the AI pronunciation grading system for some of my exercises, and my plan was always to combine that with the recorder, so you use the AI to practice all the examples in all the articles.
And now… I’m pretty much done :).
Well, almost.
There’s still s a couple of things I have to do, particularly with REGEX… the programmers among you will know how much fun THAT is.
But I’ll roll out the feature site wide in the coming weeks.
And here’s a demo of how it’ll look.

Opening the Recorder

The old recording button is disabled at the moment, but it’ll be up as soon as I am done.
With it, you can open and close the recorder. You can try it here:

Click here to open the recorder

As the window that opens, you see an empty text field and a recording button. Put a German word or sentence into the text field and record yourself and the AI will give you word by word feedback on how you did.

Loading an example

Virtually all examples on the site will have a little mic button with them. When you click that, you open the recorder AND load the example into the text field. So you can record yourself reading it right away.
If you want, you can modify it, or if you want a different example, you can just load that one by clicking the button.
Here, give it a try:


  • Woran arbeitest du?
  • What are you working on?
  • Practice pronunciation – click once to start recording and again to stop

  • Ich will ein cooles Fahrrad.
  • I want a cool bike.
  • Practice pronunciation – click once to start recording and again to stop

  • Ich will ein kaltes Bier trinken.
  • I want to drink a cold beer.
  • Practice pronunciation – click once to start recording and again to stop


So there you have it.
That’s my new feature :).
As I said, I’ll roll that out over the coming weeks (depending how my fight against REGEX is going). I’ll also add a “how to”-section, and clean up the layout a little but (darkmode looks AWFUL).

But that’s the core functionality of it.
I know that it’s NOT everyone’s cup of tea. So please please, if you don’t feel like recording yourself, don’t feel obliged to use it. But for those of you who did use the old recorder, I think this is a HUGE upgrade.

Let me know in the comments, how you like it and if you think it’s useful And if course, if have any ideas how to improve the overall experience, let me know.
I’m really really curious for all your feedback. And for your bug reports, too. I hope there are not that many this time.
Anyways, I’ll see you in the comments, have a great week and till next time.

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