Top 10 questions… to ask a language school

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 21, 2018

language-school-reviewHallo ihr alle,

wie geht’s?
Don’t worry. I’m not gonna start doing list posts here. I actually need your help with something.

What’s going on

A language school recently emailed me asking me to spread the word. I was like “Yeah, that’s gonna be 50.000 dollars.” and they were like “Oh. we were thinking like… for free.” and I was just like laughing at them.
Okay not really. I actually thought that was a good idea. Not doing just promo but doing an honest and objective review of the school with a little surprise for you.  I asked them if they’re interested in this kind of thing and they said yes, so I decided to give it a try. Now, how do you review a language school. The best would be to sneak in undercover and take a course and be a really complicated student. Maybe some day I can do that. For now it’s gonna be a little less investigative. I’ll check out their offers and prices, visit their rooms to get a feel for the vibe and, and this is the most important part, do a little interview.  The idea with behind the interview, or lets call it a questionnaire, is to give you guys an impression of the school that goes beyond the facts you can find on the webpage.  What kind of people are working there? What’s the vibe? Does it “feel” right? It should be more than just some stock Q and A like

“What’s your teaching philosophy?”
“We at Generic School 1423 believe that teaching is always also learning.”

So boooring. I have some different questions in mind. They will hate me for it :).
But I’m not a German learner. You are. You know best what questions you would have for a language school. So let’s draw up the questionnaire together:

What questions would you want ask a potential
language school before making a decision?

All questions are fine…  Can I make a certificate at the school? If your school were a person following a specific diet, would it be Paleo or Vegan? And what’s with the stupid colors? Meh… the last one is probably not a good example. But seriously, let me know all your questions, even the really crazy ones, in the comments so we get a nice pool to chose from and I also know what to look for when reviewing the school. Oh and let me know what you think about reviewing schools. Picking the right school can be really tough if there are a lot of choices, but on the other hand I know that most of you are NOT in Berlin, so maybe it is super boring. But I don’t know. And we have a really cool set of questions we can do that with any language school really.
So, I’m really looking forward to your questions and I’ll see you all later this week with a real article.
Bis dann und danke!

I sent the school the questionnaire I compiled with your help (here it is)  and I haven’t heard from them since. Well, one intern told me that the intern who contacted me wasn’t working there anymore and she would be the new intern and the people who could answer the survey were still on vacation and so on and so on. 
Maybe they are all very busy and forgot. Or maybe they just wanted some cheap promo and shied away when they saw that answering learners’ concerns actually takes some time. Either way, the school is the Sprachenatelier in Berlin. 
If you’re now like “This school seems awesome” then you’ll find it on Google. 

PS.: A big thank you to the people who have donated recently. You’re awesomazing! And to Youssef: German will stop bullying you eventually :). It just tests your patience. Seriously, danke!!

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