Advent Calendar 2019 – Prefix To Pull

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 22, 2020

Prefix to Pull

Hello everyone,

day 3 of our Advent Calendar and today, it’s time for you to get active with some prefix verb fun. Hooray!!
Those of you who have been here last year might remember this type of exercise.
You have to find the proper prefix tverb to convey a certain meaning, and the special thing is … it’s always the same base verb.
And today, we’ll deal with one of the most “prefix version”-est verbs of them all


And the difference to last year is that I have a better quiz setup. I’m not entirely sure which is the best format for this type of exercise, so today we’ll try a simple multiple choice approach.
Viel Erfolg und viel Spaß :)

And? How’d you do? I recall that last year many found this type of exercise to be pretty difficult and I wonder if it’s the same with multiple choice. So…. let me know in the comments, how you liked it and if you think this is helpful.
Habt einen schönen Tag und bis morgen :)

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