German Advent Calendar 13 – Prefix to Give

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 14, 2021

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Prefix to give


Hallo Leute,

German Advent Calendar, day number 13 and we’ll kick of the second half with everyone’s favorite “sobering” (aka frustrating, spirit crushing) exercise format:

Finding the Prefix


In this format, we take one base verb and your task is to find the right prefix for a given sentence or translation.
If you’re already fluent, this shouldn’t be too big a problem, but if you’re not the strongest with vocabulary, it might be actually pretty difficult, because more often than not, you can NOT guess the prefix based on English. I mean… sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

So please, if you find yourself guessing most of the time, don’t let that drag you down. Instead, treat it as more like a vocabulary trainer, so do the exercise again after a couple of days and again a few days after that. Until you ace it.

Of course this is not all the verbs that there are with “geben”. Not even close. But they’re all important ones that are worth learning.

So without any further ado… viel Spaß :)

The drag and drop questions don’t work on mobile :/. They did a year ago, now they don’t. I’m talking to the people of the quizz software about that, but I can’t make any promises. #pissed


Devs sent me a fix and it seems to work. #pleased. If you still have issues with it, please try a full reload of the site (ctrl+f5 on PC)

And, how’d you do? Was it difficult or a breeze? As I said, if you didn’t do too well, just do it again after a few days, and maybe try to find some logic for the individual meanings. I think I have articles on most of the verbs, but you can also ask me in the comments here, if you can’t wrap your mind around why one of them has the meaning it has.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and it wasn’t too frustrating this time.
Have a great day, und wir sehen uns morgen.

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