Advent Calender 2019 – Prefix To Take

Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 17, 2021

“Prefix to Take”

Hallo ihr lieben,

welcome back to your favorite Advent Calender, door 19. And today, it’s time for you to get active again with everyone’s least favorite type of exercise:

Find the Right Prefix 

The idea is that I give you a meaning and you have to find the right prefix verb for it. And the special thing is… it’s always the same base verb.
So in theory, this exercise seems to be rather easy, which makes it all the more frustrating if you don’t do as well as you initially thought. So it’s the perfect tool to take a little break from the trials and tribulations of the pre-Christmas season and instead have some trials and tribulations with language learning.
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We’ve done this once in this calendar already with the verb ziehen and today, we’ll do the same for nehmen.
But this one is a premiere anyway, because we’ll try out a new exercise format. And it’s freaking fancy.
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Instead of just doing multiple choice or just thinking the solution like a flippin’ peasant from the 15th century, you get to drag and draw. Like a boss.
Seriously though… I’m not sure if this really is the best approach for this kind of exercise but I wanted to try it. The upside is that it looks nice and all the options are there, which makes it a little easier.
The downside is that each prefix can only appear once, because otherwise the computer would be confused. And maybe it’s a bit style over substance this way.
I’m really curious for your thoughts actually, so just give it a try and let me know.
Do you like this type of exercise? Do you like this format or would you prefer multiple choice? Or actually a translation option?
Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.
Einen schönen Tag, und bis morgen :).

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