Practice Past Tense – By Speaking (#OMG)

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of “A new feature.”
And yes, I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting after all the new features we already had this year. But this one is really really epic because it is about

practicing speaking with… AI

OMG, the buzz… it’s soooo strong :).

Here’s what’s going on… some of you might have heard of the company EF, Education First. Their main focus is
organizing language travels and programs around the world and they’re a pretty big company. And they have a small department that is building their own custom speech recognition AI system, that they’re offering to teachers so they can create cool interactive exercises.

Bob, the leader of the team (who used to be a fellow reader here), reached out to me a while back and told me about this sytsem and that I could include it here on my site.

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