Practice Locational Prepositions – Episode 2

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 6, 2024

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of our January quiz special. Which is now more a winter quiz special and I think I finally found the perfect name for it… say hello to: Quinter.
That’s .. uhm… that’s quiz and winter combined.
Yeah… I know. Leative. That’s lame and creative combined.

Anyway, so today, we’ll do a second round of a quiz about

Locations and their Prepositions

In the first one we did a few weeks ago, we went over most of the basics and even if you’ve done it a couple of times, I’d actually recommend you do it again, because the point is NOT to pass a test, the point is to learn the… thing :)
You can find it here:

Today, we’ll do a second round, and we’ll tackle some of the more “fringe” locations and also contexts that are just plain different in German to how they’re handled in English and that might hence be confusing.

If mixed up the questions a little bit, but it’s not complete randomness either, so there’s several “topics” we’ll go through during the quiz.

And of course, for each question, I’m also giving you a short explanation of the answer. That way, you learn the rules step by step as you go along.

So… if you’re ready then let’s gooooo!
Viel Erfolg!



Let me know in the comments how you did, and of course more importantly, let me know all the questions that you have so we can clear things up together.

I hope you enjoyed this and hopefully my voice is back soon, so we can do the speaking practice for warten that I have been working on for a while.

Have a great week und bis zum nächsten mal.



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