Practice German Word Order – Episode 1

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 30, 2024

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to Practice-January 2024. Or Practice-Winter, I should probably say, because it’s almost February.
But who cares, what matters is the practice part, because practice is what … erm… makes the cow toot their horn.
Yeah… I totally made up that expression.
And that’s not the only thing I came up with.
I also thought of a new type of exercise. At least I don’t think we have done this here on the site until now.
And it is about

German Word Order

Phew… I’m always really worried to not accidentally type an “l” at the wrong spot here.

But seriously, today, we’ll do a nice (and fairly challenging) exercise for German Word Order, that’ll give you a good impression of where you stand and where you might still have some gaps.

In each question, I give you several versions of the same German sentence, and they’re either all correct BUT one, or they’re all wrong BUT one. In other words, you’ll have to pick the one that’s correct, or the one that’s NOT correct (I’ll tell you which “mode” we’re doing, no worries).

The questions get progressively more difficult (I think) and each question deals with a slightly different aspect of word order.
Unless you’re an absolute master, you probably WON’T get them all correct. But the goal is not to ace the quiz, the goal is to see where you can improve.
So along with the answer, I also give you a quick explanation as to why a version is correct (or not correct). And of course we can always talk more about this in the comments and clear up everything. And I feel like this quiz might raise quite a few follow up questions :).

So yeah… if you’re ready, then let’s jump right in.



And that’s it :).
Let me know in the comments how you did and if you’d like to do this kind of format more often. –
And of course let me know all your questions in the comments, so we can clear it up together.
Have a great week and I’ll see you in a few days with another exercise.

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