Advent Calendar 3 – “German no goes”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 19, 2020


door  3 of our German Advent Calendar and if you’re now super excited because you think we’re about to talk about a few no goes in Germany, then I have one word for you:


Because today is not about no goes. It’s about where the German not goes. Nicht. And actually, we won’t even look at it, we’ll just do an exercise.
Yeah, you can boooh all you want, but you can’t click away because then you’ll get on Santa’s shit-list. You have to do the workout or no Christmas for you!

Seriously though, it’s been a few  lot of weeks month since the first part on the mini series on nicht.
It is definitely time for part 2, and I thought doing a little work out is a good reminder for you and also, I can potentially work your questions into the second part, which will come out. At some point.

So… I’ll give you a few sentences and you just have to negate them by putting in nicht into the position where it sounds most natural.
The fundamental rule for that is super simple:

 Nicht goes before what it negates.

But that only works if you know the side sentence twist ;).
If you don’t know what that is… well… check out part one of the series on nicht.

Where to put “nicht” – part 1

In the workout, there are all kinds of challenges and levels of difficulties. So don’t worry, if you get some of them wrong. That’s kind of the purpose… to see what we need to focus on in part 2.
The only thing I didn’t include is the kein-stuff. I wanted to keep the focus on nicht.
But enough talk, let’s jump right in. The solutions are in the audio, but you can leave yours in the comments, if you want.
Viel Spaß :)

1)    Ich trinke gerne Glühwein.

2)   Ich habe gut geschlafen.

3)   Ich mag Weihnachten.

4)   Der Film hat mir gefallen.

5)   Thomas will heute Abend tanzen gehen.

6)   Maria hat sich gut um meine Pflanzen gekümmert. (look after my plants)

7)   Einhörner existieren.

8)   Das Bier ist kalt.


little break :), breathe in, breathe out, breeze through


9)    Thomas kann sich daran erinnern.

10)    Meine Kopfschmerzen gehen weg.

11)    Thomas’ Füße riechen nach Käse.

12)    Maria kocht gerne.

13)    Thomas hat gesagt, dass ihm der Film gefallen hat. (negate both parts).

14)   Die Suppe schmeckt mir.

15)   Maria weiß, was sie will. (negate both parts)

16)   Ich habe lange geschlafen.


That’s right, there are two correct choices in the last one. And they mean different things. 3, 2, 1… questions go!
Seriously, though… how’d you do? Was it easy or hard? How many did you get correct?
Let me know in the comments which ones you were having trouble with and what questions popped up and I’ll point you in the right direction.
Hope you enjoyed this, have a great day and bis morgen :)

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