Using “finden” – a quick guide

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of The Day.
This one is going to be a little different than usual, though, because I want to try out something new.
Usually, we take a word, talk about the origins, see how the meanings came about and do a tour through the related words.
Which is great for building vocabulary and making mental connections.
Today, I want to focus more on the practical side.
We’ll take one of the most important verbs and practice how to use it in various types of sentences.
And by practice I really mean practice, because we’ll do that…


No cumbersome typing, no multiple choice. Pure, raw oral word sala… I mean, spoken German.
Because that’s what actually matters.
I’m not quite sure what format to use for these, but I figured it’s best to find that out together with you, so this is like the first draft. It works, but we’ll refine it over time.

So, if you’re ready let’s warm up the tongue and jump right in.

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Word of the Day – “nutzen” (and “benutzen”)

In this episode:

A fun look at the difference between "nutzen", "benutzen" and "verwenden", which all mean "to use". And a really useful tip about the word "nützlich". - Part 2


nutzen, benutzen, verwenden, der Gebrauch, nützlich, hilfreich, nützen, abnutzen, ausnutzen,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of The Day, this time with a look at the meaning of



Which as most of you probably know means to use. And most of you have probably wondered at some point what the difference is to benutzen. Because that also means to use.
Oh and let’s not forget about verwenden, which ALSO means to use.
Today, we’ll learn what the difference between these three and when to use which, and we’ll also check out a few other really useful related words. AND we’ll take a look at the origin of nutzen, because when I found out , I was like floored!
I was like: “Yo, etymology… where does nutzen come from.”
And etymology was like: “It’s related to THIS German word.”
And I was like: “Bruh!”

So, are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s freaking go!

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A comedy show – for German learners

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of review of the day, this time with a look at

Anja’s brand new German course

Many of you probably know Anja, but for those who don’t: Anja is a YouTuber who has one of the biggest German channels out there, with almost a million subscribers and she’s part of what I call “The golden generation”, together with Easy German (the absolute GOAT), Lingoni (with Pesto and Jenny), GetGermanized and Deutsch Für Euch.

Anja has loads of cool videos on her channel but she’s also created a few online courses, which were okay. I mean… decent courses… doing their job.
But they absolutely PALE in comparison to what Anja has created over the last year. If you ever need an example for what “stepping up the game” is… it’s what Anja did!

Because she made her course into…

…an entire comedy series!!


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Word of the Day – “liefern”

Hello everyone,

German Word of the Day time. Hooray.
This time with a look at the meaning of a verb that happens millions of times every day. With food. And clothes. And books. And electronics. And furniture.
And fitness equipment like my new 40 pound kettlebell.
Man, the face of the driver when he took this little package out of the van… he was not happy at all. Hilarious. I gave 50 Cents tip, though, so I’m sure his back is okay.
So, today, we’ll take a look at



And I’m sure you’ve figured out, if you didn’t know it already – liefern means to deliver and it’s what unites us all, no matter the skin color, the gender, the age, the income and who you have the hots for. No matter whether left wing or right wing, liberal or conservative, mask or no mask, cat person or dog person – the one thing we all agree on is Deliveralism – setting us free from having to go to the store like a serf.
And if you think this was just a dumb pun… well… it wasn’t.
Because liefern, delivery and liberty are actually related.
*Jeff Bezos has entered the chat

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New Feature – Audio Recorder 2.0

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to your favorite German learning website ever.
And today, we’re in for another episode of

I have a new feature

Hooray :).
We’ve already had quite a few of these episodes in 2021, but that was really only the start.
I have a lot more ideas on how to make YourDailyGerman more useful for you.
And today, I’m really happy to finally bring you… drumroll please…

Audio Recorder 2.0

So last summer, I added an audio recorder to the site. There’s this little mic icon on side (or bottom, on mobile) and when you clicked it, an audio recorder would open up, where you could record yourself reading the examples and then compare it to how I say them.
But that was really only a test run for what I REALLY had in mind…

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Word of the Day – “die Arbeit”

In this episode:

A fun look at the meaning and use of "Arbeit" and its surprising family connections that lead all the way from Oliver Twist to Wall-E. - Part 2


die Arbeit, arbeiten, erben, das Erbe, Roboter,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German word of the Day.
And today, we’ll take a look at one of the most defining words for German culture and society:

der Humor


Nah, kidding. That’s the least defining word, of course.
The word we will talk about today is the perfect word for January, when all your resolutions of working hard and blah blah are still on. Because today, we’ll take a look at

die Arbeit


And I’m pretty sure most of you know what it means, but what you probably don’t know is the crazy family relations it has.
So are you ready for some insights and some vocabulary?
Then let’s get to work.

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The 2022 German Oracle (You won’t believe this…)

Hello everyone,

and welcome to 2022, the best year for learning German, because it is NOW :)!

Whether you’re advanced and you’re just refining your skills, or you’re a beginner making your first steps, or you’re hustling hard to pass an exam for university, or you’re relearning that old rusty German of yours. Or if you’re just learning it because you like the language… I wish you lots of fun with it and may you make lots of progress.

And I also wish you an even more terrific year outside of the German learning portion. And because it never hurts to have some guidance, we’ll just ask the universe to give us some hints in the epic, absolutely magical and 87% accurate German oracle :)

We’ve done this in the past few years also, and the oracle … erm… well, it totally failed to predict the whole ‘rona stuff.
So the probability that it gets things right this year is INCREDIBLY high. I mean, you can’t fail multiple times in a row, right oracle?

Here’s how it works:

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German Advent Calendar 24 – Merry Christmas

Yourdailygerman Igotnothing Calendar



Hallo ihr lieben,

24. Dezember, Adventskalender-Finale. Und wie es Tradition ist, gibt es heute … nix :)
Oh well… actually I spent quite a bit of time fixing a big with the “hint” of yesterday’s exercise.

That was the weirdest code mistake I have ever seen and I spent a couple of hours going through Javascript,
only to finally realize that it’s just a weirdly placed bold-marking.

Anyway, this was the Advent Calendar for this year :)!

I’ll put up a proper archive of it in the coming days (under the Advent Calendar Archive). There, you can also dig through old calendars if you don’t have enough yet.

Advent Calendar Archive (I’ll add this year soon)

Thanks a lot for being part of the Advent season and for all your comments and thoughts. We even had some controversy here this year :D.

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas time, eat well, treat yourself well, be nice to others, stay healthy and in a good mood.
And learn some German… but only if you’re bored.

Liebe Grüße und wir sehen uns nach den Feiertagen.