ChatGPT Example Generator

Hello everyone,

and welcome to your German Word of the Day. And today’s word is:


Which of course means toy, but we’re not actually going to talk about the word.
I mean… it’s Spiel+Zeug, “play-stuff”. What’s there to explain :).

No, instead of talking about Spielzeug, we’ll actually use Spielzeug.
Because I have created a little toy for German learners.
And it’s with ChatGPT…

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German Prefixes Explained – “ab”

In this episode:

"ab" has two core themes. Today, we'll explore what they are and see how they influence the meaning of verbs with the prefix "ab-". - Part 2


ab, bergab, abwärts, abmachen, abgehen, ablegen, abfangen, absagen, abwarten,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of  German Prepositions Explained.
In each episode, we take one German preposition and look at what its core ideas are, how these show up  in the use as a prefix, and we’ll go over the most important fixed combinations where a verb always wants this one specific preposition and we’ll see if there’s any logic to it.
Sounds dry?

Well, “sand” also sounds dry but people eat it anyway.
“Emanuel, I don’t think people eat sa….”
Oh, yeah?! Ever heard of this thing called … erm… mette… uh… matterfour!
“It’s called metaphor, Emanuel.”
Ugh whatever, you knew what I mean, right. But thank you!
Anyway, the preposition we’ll look at today is


So if you’re ready to jump in, then let’s goooo.

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Reading Your Stories 2 – Die Pilzjagd

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the second episode of the new series

Reading Your Stories

In each episode, we’ll take a look at a short story that you have sent me and I’ll read it, and I’ll correct all the mistakes and add commentary what needs to be changed and why.
And I’ll add a translation.
AND today, you can also guess what the mistake is so you essentially get to practice

 listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar AND style

Wow, so cool :).

The story of today comes from Ruth and she’s telling us about a somewhat unusual weekend trip of hers.
It’s pretty well written overall and has a good mix of long and short sentences. But there are some basic mistakes in it that many of you will be able to spot.

Like last time, I’ll give you the audio and then the corrected version first, along with a (rather close) translation.
And after that, we’ll go through the original text section by section.

And this time, I WON’T mark the mistakes right away, I’ll just tell you how many there are in a given segment, so you can see if you can spot them :).

So are you ready to jump in?
Then let’s go…

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Word of the Day – “wahr”

In this episode:

"Wahr" is the German word for "true" and there are plenty of useful words based on it. Today, we'll take a look at this awesome family. Fact!! - Part 2


wahr, die Wahrheit, wahrscheinlich, unwahrscheinlich,...

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day.
And today we’ll answer the question of what is true.
Because today, we’ll look at the family of


Some of you probably already know it – wahr is the German word for true.
And even with Cirque-du-Soleil-levels of mind contortion, it’s hard to imagine that those two are related.
And yet, they are!!

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