Advent Calendar 10 – “Odd Word Out”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 19, 2020

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Hey ho, hey ho,

wie geht’s denn so :)? Day 10 of our Advent Calendar and today we’re gonna10 try out a little language game that I came up with called:

Odd Word Out

The rules are super simple. I’ll give you three words and you have to spot the one that doesn’t fit in.

kitten – puppy – unicorn

All three are mammals currently living in the earth. The correct answer here is unicorn. Because it’s the word for the adult version of this species, while the other two are animal-kids. That’s the difference.

Now, of course I didn’t really invent this kind of quiz. But I thought it could actually be a fun and interesting way to test and practice all kinds of concepts and features of language so I thought, we just give it a try :).

We’ll do three  levels of difficulty – easy, medium and super friggin’ hard. Seriously, some of the hard ones would give native speakers trouble.
It’s a wild mix of features and I’m not gonna tell you what to look for, but it’s alway going to have something to do with grammar, so it’s not gonna be letter count or stuff like that.
Sometimes you probably won’t be able to really tell WHY a word is the odd word out. But if you have a gut feeling, just go with it. Oh and if you want, you can leave your solutions and your theories in the comments and we can talk about it.
Viel Spaß :)


1)   der, die, ein
2)   lang, ja, nein
3)   doch, weil, schön
4)   wann, wo, Wurst
5)    gestern, morgen, hier
6)   länger, besser, Bäcker
7)   heiß, warm, kälter



m 1)     anstehen, aufstehen, verstehen
m 2)     weil, darum, deshalb
m 3)     bis, seit, hinten
m 4)    rein, rauf, aus
m 5)     Bier, Fahrrad, Wohnung
m 6)    kochen, laden, geben
m 7)    können, machen, wollen




h 1)    im, am, um
h 2)   zu, aus, in
h3)   Düne, Söhne, Hände
h4)   zur, für, vor
h5)   rein, unten, rechts
h6)   Tee, See, Schnee
h7)   auf, drin, unten


And, how did you do? The last ones were pretty hard, right :)?
Let me know in the comments how you did and how you liked the work out? Did you enjoy it? Do you think it’s helpful? If yes, we can do more like that, with more focus on certain issues. I’m really curious for your feedback.
And of course let me know if you have any questions about any of these or if you want to share your theories about why a word is the odd word out.
Hope you had fun with this, have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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