Advent Calendar 18 – NPCs

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 17, 2023



Hi everyone,

and welcome back to the final week of the German learning Advent Calendar.
I have not fully planned this week yet, so I’ll have some decisions to make about what to include and what to leave out.
I’ll only pick the top options, and the option for today is absolutely one the
And exercise about:


Which is short for Noun Perb Combinations. And the P is SOFT!! Like a V. I just wanted to trick you into thinking I am going to talk about NPCs.
And yes… I indeed did have a beer or three today, so what?

But seriously, this is actually a topic that a few of you suggested when I asked around for ideas before the calendar.

Noun-Verb combinations is stuff like in Betracht ziehen or Kritik üben. So a noun that goes together with a certain verb as a kind of semi fixed phrasing. Once you get to B2 level, you get literally plastered with these, and they’re kind of hard to learn because there are many of them and there’s no real logic or system to them.

That’s also why I CAN’T really actually “explain” them. They’re just fixed combinations that happened to be the phrasing of choice, for better or worse.

So instead of some theory, I though I’ll just pick a few of them and make them into a little quiz. And if you like this kind of format, we can do more like this in the future.

So… without much further ado, here’s the quiz.

Oh… and don’t beat yourself up if you get them all wrong. If you don’t know them, then it’s really just guessing for the most part. So maybe come back after a few days and do the quiz again, just to see.
Viel Erfolg!!



And, how’d you do? Was that difficult? Let me know in the comments if you think this format is helpful and we can do more of it in the future.
And of course, if you have questions about any of the combinations, let me know as well.
Have an absolute blast of a day, or at least one with a mini blast of joy at some point. You deserve it!
Tschau und bis morgen :)

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