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Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 12, 2020

Hi everyone,

so after a forced creative break in August, I am taking a little voluntary creative break now.
Well, that’s not completely accurate actually, because I am editing old articles. And man… some were REALLY way to long :). If you want a list of the edited ones, let me know in the comments.

The one I am editing at the moment is the one about Main Sentences and I actually had kind of a little epiphany.

Nothing big, just a little way of thinking about sentences that might make the side sentence structure a bit more “natural”. I’m NOT going to tell you today though ;).

I do have something cool, however, because while editing that article I was reminded of something else: the navigation sucks.
I always thought it would be cool if in each grammar episode you could see an overview for all episodes in that grammar module, but I never felt like I was ready to do the necessary coding.
Until this week! Because this week I actually did it.
It’s not perfect and there’s a REALLY weird glitch in the module on adjective endings but overall I am pretty happy with it and I think it’ll make it much easier for you.
You’ll of course see it on the site but here’s a screenshot:

The list unfolds when you click on the menu icon and it shows you all the episodes in the module and if you’re a member, you’ll also see which ones you’ve completed already. As you can see, I have completed them all. That’s why my German is so good.

Now, I want to add the information which module this is but I have to decide how to do it – quick and dirty or long and proper.
And I also have a question:

Right now, when you click on “See all grammar modules” you’ll be taken to the main grammar page (which also really needs a do over).
I could also make it, so all modules unfold right there and you have links to ALL grammar episodes.
Let me know in the comments if that’s a feature that’d be helpful.

And speaking of new features… that brings us to the questions I have.

Questions about features

I have a few ideas I need your opinion on. I’ll explain them first and then I’ll do a poll.

Font and Font Size

I have been seeing the site on a bunch of different screens in recent months and my reactions ranged from “Ewww… everything is so huge”  via “Man, this is iPhone of language learning websites.” to “Oh my God, the font is way too tiny.”
So I want to gauge the sentiment out there – do you like the font I am using or would you want me to change it, and what do you think about the font-size.
Answer below in the poll :).


So one of my longest dreams for the site is a vocabulary trainer. Since we finished the glossary, the groundwork is actually there, but it might take a while until we get to finish it.
So I was thinking about having my horde of unpaid interns create decks for each article on an external site like Quizlet or Memrise.
But even though they’re unpaid, these interns drink a LOT of coffee, so the question is first of all how many of you would even use it. And then, which platform would be the best. I think many have an import-export feature, but we’d pick one of them for a start.

TL DR Cards

This is another idea that has been on my mind since literally hundreds of years. And for a long time, the reason I didn’t do it was that I didn’t want to.
I am talking about a TL;DR-type summary for each article…. kind of like an info-card. You’d get the vocab of the article with translations as well as a really really short info about family ties and the most important usage notes.
The reason I have never mentioned this, let alone done it is that I was scared people would then not read the articles anymore. If you can open  a “Short Summary”-card, would you then still have the same fun reading the article? Honestly, I don’t think so.
It’s a bit like me watching movie reviews on Youtube before watching the movie… I’m not as interested in the movie anymore.
But objectively, it would be a really really nice and helpful feature to have, so I am thinking about slowly starting to add these.
Let me know in the poll :).

Cast your votes

So yeah… here’s the poll. I’m really curious for your feedback.
Danke euch, habt eine schöne Woche und bis zum nächsten Mal :)

Do you like the font on the site? (style, not size)

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What do you think about the font-size?

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Would you like flashcards for all the articles?

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Which flashcard app would you prefer?

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What do you think about short summary cards for each article?

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