Advent Calendar 13 – It’s in the Cards

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 25, 2022

“It’s in the cards”


Hallo ihr lieben,

eigentlich sollte ja gestern Halbzeit-Show sein, aber beide Acts haben abgesagt. Das ist schade, und ihr alle wart sehr enttäuscht und traurig…
“Emanuel, eigentlich war ich überhaupt nicht trau…”
Ihr wart SEHR TRAURIG!!!!
Und ihr habt in den Kommentaren gefragt, ob ihr zumindest ein bisschen Werbung haben könnt.
“Emanuel, ich habe alle Kommentare gelesen, und da hat niemand nach Werb….”
Ihr habt nach WERBUNG GEFRAGT!!
Und deshalb habe ich entschieden, euch heute mein neues Projekt vorzustellen.
“Emanuel, du hast noch nicht mal dein Buchprojekt fertig.”
Ich werde euch meine neues Projekt vorstellen!!!

hi all you good people, 

so yesterday originally was supposed to be the half time show, but both acts cancelled. That’s a pity and you all were very disappointed and sad. 
“Uh, actually I wasn’t disappointed and sa…”
You were really disappointed and sad!!!
And you asked me in the comments, if you could have at least a few ads. 
“Emanuel, I read all comments and no one asked for ads the…”

And that’s why I have decided to introduce my new project to you.
“Emanuel, you haven’t even finished the old book project yet.
I will introduce MY NEW PROJECT!! 

Ein Kartenspiel für Präfixverben
A card game for Prefix verbs

I’m going to continue in English now, I’m already late for today anyway :).
So yeah, for a long time I have had this idea of a prefix verb card game in my head, and now it is becoming a reality.

The core idea

The core idea is that you have cards with prefixes and cards with verbs and you have to combine two together to form a verb that you know a meaning for.

There are several modes of playing, including something that has elements of poker, but I am still working on fleshing out the exact rules.

But yeah, the core idea is that you have to build prefix verbs that you know a meaning for and that way, you get to repeat the ones you know, pick up new ones and repeat those during the game and most importantly, you start building an intuition for how the prefixes work and you get some confidence that sometimes a meaning you just guess actually exists.
Well… that’s how I HOPE this game will turn out.

The reference

Anyway, for a while there was one big hurdle to actually following through on this. If you play the game in class, it’s not a problem because there’s a native speaker there, but if you play alone or without native speakers, you have to have a good way to check whether something exists or not.
Like… okay, you could use a normal dictionary, but ideally, you’d get at least SOME information why the meaning exists and also get some examples.
So from the start I knew the game needed its own little reference. But it was also a daunting task because it is a LOT of content and also, how do you present it. As a booklet?

But the good news is… this has now become feasible because I have my own dictionary, many prefix verbs are already in it and all I need to do is fill up the examples.
And I have found a programmer who I trust and like and who has helped me with some of the programming work here on YourDailyGerman already, so we’ve teamed up for this card game and … we’ll actually make a little web-app for it.
(And you can help us, because we’ll actually do a little crowdfunding next year :))

So there will be a site JUST for the game where you can quickly look up a prefix verb and get my handmade translations, notes and examples.
That was the missing piece and I’m really excited that this is actually happening now

Our awesome website

Now, I’ll definitely keep you up to date here, but we’ve also set up a website, that gives a little more information and most importantly, it gives you a look at the cards, because I already have a prototype :).

And if you’re interested, you can enter your email there, so you’re in a separate mailing list just for the cards (I’m only writing something if I have something to announce).

So, hop over and check out what we’re up to!
But then come back and tell me what you think :)

German Prefix Verbs – The Card Game

I’m really really curious to hear what your thoughts are about this, so please let me know in the comments.
Oh and also, if you’re actually a German teacher, or you work at a school, I’d like to connect, because I really think this is a nice game to play in class, maybe in groups.

Prefix verbs don’t get enough love in class, in my opinion and this game is (hopefully) a fun way to approach them.

So yeah, let me know in the comments what you think , have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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