Advent Calender 2019 – A new library

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 7, 2019

A New Library

Hallo Leute,

welcome to day number 5 and today, I have a little surprise for you of which I’m actually really proud.

My New Archive

I actually told you about this a while back in a newsletter, but now it’s really ready for release.
I reworked the category archive pages.
Until now, you’d just get the title and a link.
And now, you’ll get:

  • not only  a cartoon gallery
  • but also a short description what each post is about
  • AND a snippet of the vocabulary that we talk about in the post

And if you’re a member you can see if you’ve already marked an article as read or not.
But hey… a picture says more than a thousand words, so here’s a screenshot:


Meh, that looks kind of messy, actually. Well, a link says more than a thousand pictures, so here you go :)

Link to my new Archive

Essentially, for the first time, you can really get an impression about what the article is so it’s easier decide what to read. And if you’re bored, you can just browse through the cartoons and learn a bit this way.
Seriously, I am really proud of this. The idea is actually kind of old but I never felt like I could actually do it, but then early this year my coding skills had progressed enough to actually make it happen. It sure took a while, especially writing all these short snippets, but now it’s done and I’m really happy you get to use it, because I really think it makes navigating the material MUCH better.
Now, of course I’ll keep making improvements. Next, I want to add little icons to the articles that show what level they’re for and how long they are.

And there’s actually an even bigger project in the works behind the scenes. That one will be HUGE. But I’ll tell you more about that on another day in this calender.
So yeah… head right over to the archive pages and check them out.
I can’t wait for your feedback :).
Oh and please, don’t hesitate to point out bugs or other things I can improve, just because I’m so happy. Criticism is always welcome.
Have a great day and bis morgen.

PS: By the way, I also added audios to pretty much ALL the articles this year. With my new, rad microphone. I hope you’re proud of your boy :).

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