Advent Calendar 2019 – The missing Link

“The missing link”

Hello everyone,

and welcome back to the most epic, most regular advent calendar ever.
And behind today’s door is something especially anticipated and desired… after one day of intense search, I found it. The mystical path to door number 14.

Advent Calendar 2019 – Pictionary

Now you might be like “Wait a minute…. did you just skip one day?! ” 
But no. 15 doors for 15 days. All as it should be :).
Have a great day and see you tomorrow.
Oh and seriously… follow the link!! It’s awesome!!


for members :)

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Cool way of skipping a day!
Joking, you’re already doing sooo much for us!


Oh my God. My map wasn’t detailed enough to find this path. Thank you

Ahmad Mazaheri
Ahmad Mazaheri

Kurtz ABER fein!

Alison Rostetter
Alison Rostetter

oops, sorry I just found it………… apologies.


I received an amazing present today, a membership to this site ☺️ Thank you so so much to anyone who overpaid and allowed people like me to access this resource as well. I’m determined to make full use of this opportunity to help myself and our baby to become bilingual. Thank you again, I’m deeply grateful.