German Advent Calendar 24 – Merry Christmas

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 24, 2021

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Hallo ihr lieben,

24. Dezember, Adventskalender-Finale. Und wie es Tradition ist, gibt es heute … nix :)
Oh well… actually I spent quite a bit of time fixing a big with the “hint” of yesterday’s exercise.

That was the weirdest code mistake I have ever seen and I spent a couple of hours going through Javascript,
only to finally realize that it’s just a weirdly placed bold-marking.

Anyway, this was the Advent Calendar for this year :)!

I’ll put up a proper archive of it in the coming days (under the Advent Calendar Archive). There, you can also dig through old calendars if you don’t have enough yet.

Advent Calendar Archive (I’ll add this year soon)

Thanks a lot for being part of the Advent season and for all your comments and thoughts. We even had some controversy here this year :D.

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas time, eat well, treat yourself well, be nice to others, stay healthy and in a good mood.
And learn some German… but only if you’re bored.

Liebe Grüße und wir sehen uns nach den Feiertagen.


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