to, toward
(For most destinations that you DON'T enter. The main groups are people and brand names. Note that you can well use it for places that you can enter, but then the focus is that you don't really go inside.)
Opposite (closest): von
(By FAR the standard and way more common than "geschlossen")
Opposite (closest): auf
(In the sense of something serving a purpose)

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When to use "zu" or "um zu"

A thorough look at the difference between "zu" and "um zu" and a quick test to find out which one to use. All as funny video, and as a more detailed text :)

"einkaufen gehen" - why is there no "zu"
The Preposition "zu" Explained

A thorough look at the German preposition 'zu' - what's its core idea, how does it work as a prefix and which verbs and phrases want "zu" as a preposition.


zu, zugeben, zuhaben, zu sein, zugehen, zuhören, zumachen

The Preposition "zu" Explained - Part 2

In the second part, we'll go over zu-infinitives, zu and verbs and zu in comparisons. With lots of audio examples and a bit of fun.

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Root: unknown (or not yet entered)

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