to turn something to someone
(Mostly used for literally turning your back toward someone)
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to turn to someone
("sich jemandem/etwas zuwenden" - can be about the mere physical act, but it can also imply interest. Works for people, as well as for activities like work or a video game )
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Opposite: abwenden
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Word of the Day - "wenden"

We'll take a thorough look at "wenden" and its family and what turning, using, learning by heart, relatives and walls have to do with one another. #vocabAF


wenden, die Wand, verwenden, anwenden, auswendig, verwandt

Word Family

Root: *wendh-

The core idea of this root was

winding, weaving

It’s the origin of to wind, to wend and to wander as well as the noun wand.
In English, that word focused its meaning on a bent stick. In German, it’s focused on what you get when you weave many long sticks together  – a wall (die Wand) :).

The word wind (as in the air) is not part of this family.

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