Dictionary noun *u̯el- wohl Wohl Gemeinwohl


the common good
(in a political, legal sense)
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The meaning of "wohl"

A fun look at the meaning(s) of "wohl", it's various uses in every day German and why they are so freaking random. Seriously, what a mess this word is...


wohl, wohlhabend, obwohl, wohl wahr, sehr wohl, wohl kaum, wer wohl, zum Wohl

Word of the Day - "gemein"

"gemein" means "mean" in the sense of "bad". But lots of words with "gemein" in them are about community. Today, we'll find out why.


gemein, die Gemeinheit, gemeinsam, die Gemeinde, die Gemeinschaft, allgemein, im Allgemeinen

Word Family

Root: *u̯el-

The core idea of this root was:

wanting, choosing

English relatives are will and the Latin branch around volare (to want) with words like voluntary and volition.

In German, both core themes survived, one as wollen (to want) and the other one as wählen (to choose).

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