to give way
(sounds a bit theatrical and is not used much in daily life)
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Word of the Day - "weich"

A fun look at "weich", why it means soft and what it has to do with dodging a snowball, soaking beans and changing paths.


weich, weichen, die Weiche, ausweichen, einweichen, abweichen

Word Family

Root: *u̯eig-

This is one of the roots that was about:

bending, winding (also: changing)

It doesn’t have too many offspring in English, but certainly some surprisingly ones.
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • wicker (“winding tree”)
  • vice- (“taking the place of”)
  • weak (“easy to bend”)
  • week (“the change of times”)
  • vice versa (“change to the counter as well”)
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