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to rape
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Word Family

Root: *u̯al-

The core idea of this root was:

being strong, powerful

This idea went straight into the Latin verb valere, and it broadened toward the idea of being legit and having value.
This verb is the origin of a whole range of words like valor, valid, value, equivalent and prevail.
Besides this branch, the root is also the origin of to wield and of a bunch of well known names like Arnold, Donald, Ronald, Walter, Volodymyr and Valerie.

Here’s an (incomplete) overview of the English relatives:

  • wield (“rule, having power over”)
  • valor (“power”)
  • valid, validate,… (“having power”)
  • value, evaluate, DFV… (a form of power basically)
  • ambivalent (“multiple values”)
  • equivalent (“equal value”)
  • prevalent (“power in front, dominating”)
  • prevail (“power through”)
  • Donald (“deep value”… I know someone who would get an orgasm over this)
  • Ronald (“ruling power”)
  • Arnold (“eagle power”)
  • Volodymyr, Vladimir (“strong peace”… irony is strong)
  • Gerald (“spear wielder”)
  • Harold (“army power”)
  • Walter (“ruler or army”)
  • Valerie (“the powerful, the worthy”)
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