the handshake
(In German, the focus is on the pressure, not the shaking :))
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Word of the Day - "der Druck"

A fun look at the word der Druck and the difference between the verbs drucken and drücken. Featuring also: a big let down.


der Druck, der Händedruck, der Luftdruck, der Blutdruck, drucken, der Drucker, die Druckerei, ausdrucken, bedrucken, der Abdruck

Word Family

Root: *treu(k)-

The core idea of the root was:

pushing, squeezing, grinding

There might be a connection to the root of the verb drehen (to turn), but that’s not certain.
The sense of threatening that we have in German and English is based on the notion of mental pressure, mental “pushing”.

Here’s  list of notable English members of this family:

  • threat, to threaten (“pushing mentally”)
  • thrust (“pushing forward”)
  • intrude (“thrust in, force in”)
  • protrude (“thrust out, push out”)
  • abstruse (“pushed away”)


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