Dictionary noun *ten- Ton betonen Betonung

die Betonung


the emphasis, the stress
(In language and music. NOT for an emphasis on a topic. The verb works in that context, but the noun doesn't.)


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Word of the Day - "der Ton"

A fun look at the meaning of "der Ton" and what music has to do with pottery. And a bit of basic acoustical physics for good measure :)


der Ton, der Lehm, betonen, vertonen, die Note, der Klang

Word Family

Root: *ten-

The core meaning of this root was:

stretch, extend

The main offspring are thing and das Ding – yes, hear me out.
In the days of the Germanic tribes, the t(h)ing was the assembly of elders which decided on matters of the community. The Norwegian parliament for example is still called Storting.

The origin of this idea of assembly was probably the stretch of time that the meeting lasted. Like as if we say “Oh man… I have the TWO HOURS tomorrow”. and your coworker might understand that you’re going to have a zoom call.

And then, in German and English, the word shifted from just the assembly toward the matter of the assembly – the issue. And then it broadened to thing.

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3 months ago

Sorry bro, you will have to insert it into Google Translate yourself to see what I mean…

England schläft an einem Samstagmorgen

Die Ladenbesitzer, die damit beschäftigt sind, ihre Waren zu verkaufen

Der Musik eines fernen Liedes folgend, eingebettet in ihre Herzen

3 months ago

Above is stated
“The right emphasis/stress is not as important in German as it is in other languages.”
I’m trying to find some advice on the use of the comma (yes I’ve seen people argue about how in German we see it placed strangely according to the Anglophone, so I’m aware I can do research elsewhere…but can I bug you just a bit to direct me to anything on your website that discusses the topic
as well as bother you for an explanation as to why Google Translate pauses for SOOOOOO long in the second stanza of my poem when I make it read out loud to me here:


3 months ago
Reply to  kokoboo

Posting long links directly gets put on hold for review :).

Better to use the “link” option from the formatting bar (which only works on desktop)

The commas in German are mainly used for two things – separating items in a listing and separating sentences (that each have their own verb). That’s it. I think I should do an article about it, but I’m afraid to dive in and find one billion special cases that I then need to cover :)

Google Translate has no clue how to read poems or have a proper melody.

If you do this kind of voicing often, I recommend this service:


The basic voices are okay, but the premium ones are really good.
Still… they’ll suck at reading poetry.

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