Dictionary verb ab verb *swei- Schweif abschweifen
(ab verb)


to go off topic, going on a tangent
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Opposite (closest): konzentrieren


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Word of the Day -"schweben"

A quick look at the meaning of "schweben", where it comes from and what it has to do with imagination and blabbering.


schweben, vorschweben, der Schweif, abschweifen, ohne Umschweife

Word Family

Root: *swei-

The core idea of this root was:

swinging, swaying, move in a swaying manner

It’s the origin of swipe, sweep, swoop, swift and swivel.
The word switch might also belong here, but the connection is not certain.

The German schweben, which now means to levitate, started out with the sense of gliding through the air due to being swung and originally, it implied a lot of motion.

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