to wave, to turn
(The core is that you "make" something swing, not an object swinging by itself. Can be a slow waving of an object like a flag for example, but it can also be a one time thing, like panning with a camera or turning with a car. )
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to toss
(In cooking. Think of prawns in a wok, for example.)
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Word Family

Root: *su̯enk-

The core idea of this root was:

bending, swaying, swinging

It’s still quite visible in German words like schwanken and schwenken and even in Schwanz (tail). Just think of a dog waving it :).
The adjective schwach started out as bendable, from where it is not far to its current meaning weak.

The English etymological sources I am using do not mention this root.
But according to the German sources, it would be the origin of the English words to swing, to sway and possibly also swag.

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