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übereinstimmen (mit)



to agree, to match, to square with, to be the same
(The core theme is that two entities are the same in some regard. Can be a measurement but also the opinion of two people about an issue. Phrasing is either "two things übereinstimmen" or "A übereinstimmen mit B")

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4 days ago

<there is a cartoon picture that has the sun low on the horizon, but all the shadows drawn are directly below the objects>

Die Sonne stimmt den Schatten nicht überein.

Die rote Schuhe von Maria stimmt ihrem Anzug nicht überein.

Das funktioniert?

3 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Ok, rewrite:
“Die Sonne stimmt nicht mit den Schatten überein”
<this is getrennt verb…yes?>

As for Maria and her slap dash, schlampig outfit…

Ihre Schuhe passen nicht zu ihrem Anzug/Farbschema/(ihren) Kleidung

3 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

1 out of 2, I’ll take it!

So this is an exercise I am doing; looking at a picture scene (a park with many people doing various things) and describing the activity and what I see.

I agree, that sentence is vague, even in English :) However, if I mention the lack of proper ray tracing in the drawing, I would have to add another sentence for clarity – something like: “Obwohl die Sonne tief am Horizont steht, sind die Schatten kurz.”
<Chances of me starting the sentence with obwohl = none>

I’m trying to keep the new nouns to minimum but I’ve already had to learn quite a few. My current winner: “Pferdeschwanz”
Every time I do the exercise I come into each mini-scene from a different place or (try to) add things and it changes exactly how I say things. I’m trying to use the verbs and nouns that I have in my mind to cover as much ground as I can.


2 days ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Well I’m two weeks into it! :) Ich habe sicher viel gelernt. Every time I do a run-through the image, I add something, say something differently, or in a different order, and that (besonders auf Deutsch!) requires a different approach.

My iTalki session made me realize that I couldn’t piece things together full sentences on the fly. I understood her questions but could usually only answer in incomplete statements or very basic chunks. I probably know enough verbs, nouns, and adjectives to get the job done, BUT I couldn’t string and link multiple facts together WHILE I was speaking.
Sitzung zwei am Samstag. Daumen Drücken!

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