to get lost
("sich+Acc versteigen" - getting lost while climbing or climbing a wrong path. Technically, it can mean that, but it's not very common. )
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to get to, to get lost
("sich+Acc versteigen (zu)" - A figurative meaning used in contexts where you get to a weird place while talking. Like, for example when you talk and you end up making an outlandish claim or promise. Pretty rare overall.)
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Word Family

Root: *steigh-

The core idea of this root was:

walking, striding upward

The most notable English relative is the noun stair,  but the root is also the origin of stickler, which originally was about putting on a base, and hemistich and stoichiometry.  Which are both words I had no clue about. The first one has something to do with poetry and the second one with chemistry, bit the common theme is “layering rows“. Kind of like stairs :).

In German, steigen and its relatives are the only members I could find.

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