to rise, to emerge
(Rare in this sense. Sometimes for "smoke" or other kinds of clouds. And in a figurative sense of emotions and feelings that slowly rise, like fatigue, for example. The noun "der Aufstieg" also works for empires and more.)
Opposite: absteigen
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to be promoted
(In a hierarchy. The focus here is on the gradual rise, not the moment of getting one promotion.)
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to “go up” one series
(Used in context of sports leagues, when a team gets to go up one series at the end of a year.)
Opposite: absteigen
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The meaning of " steigen"

A thorough look at the meaning of "steigen" and it's prefix versions, which are crucial if you want to use transportation in Germany :). Also: steigern.


steigen, einsteigen, aussteigen, steigern, die Steigerung, versteigern

Word Family

Root: *steigh-

The core idea of this root was:

walking, striding upward

The most notable English relative is the noun stair,  but the root is also the origin of stickler, which originally was about putting on a base, and hemistich and stoichiometry.  Which are both words I had no clue about. The first one has something to do with poetry and the second one with chemistry, bit the common theme is “layering rows“. Kind of like stairs :).

In German, steigen and its relatives are the only members I could find.

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