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Word of the Day - "die Decke"

Decke means cover. And under that cover we … ahem… discover a whole bunch of useful nouns and verbs. Today, we’ll cover all those and more :)


die Decke, der Deckel, die Deckung, decken, zudecken, bedecken, entdecken

Word Family

Root: *(s)teg-

The core idea of this root was:


This idea is pretty well preserved in most of its relatives. In the Germanic branch we have the German Decke (cover, ceiling) and the English thatch and deck (which originally was a “cover” of the ship).
On the Latin side of the family tree, there was the verb *tegere, which pretty much meant to cover, to give roof and which is the origin of protect (add cover), detect (remove cover) and tile and its German cousin Ziegel, which both originally meant “roof tile”.
Honorable mention to the epic Stegosaurus. That beast got its name from the big bone plate “covering” his head. So basically, it’s called “roof-lizzard” … yeah, not as epic as the Latin name.

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