dull, not sharp
Opposite: spitz
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Word of the Day - "spitz"

A fun look at the meaning of "spitz" and the various related words like "die Spitze" and "der Spitzname". A spitzen-way to build vocabulary :)


spitz, die Spitze, die Spitzenidee, anspitzen, der Spitzname, Ohren spitzen, der Spitzel, bespitzeln, die Speiche

Word Family

Root: *stebh-

The core idea of this root was:

stemming, putting down firmly, a solid stem

The theme is definitely a bit vague, but we can see aspects of it in the English offspring

  • step (putting down the foot)
  • staff (putting down a walking aid)
  • staple (originally, this could be a pillar or tree trunk and even a stairstep – basically something you can rest on.)
  • stamp (“put down firmly”)

The word stem, even though it would fit right in here, does not belong to this family and instead comes from a different root.

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