a specific kind of walk you have to do in snow that is a some inches thick
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Style special - "to walk"

Most of you know what to go and to run means in German. But there are many more "modes" of walking. Today, we'll explore words like sneak, stumble and trod...


gehen, laufen, rennen, schleichen, stolpern, schlendern, bummeln

Word Family

Root: *stebh-

The core idea of this root was:

stemming, putting down firmly, a solid stem

The theme is definitely a bit vague, but we can see aspects of it in the English offspring

  • step (putting down the foot)
  • staff (putting down a walking aid)
  • staple (originally, this could be a pillar or tree trunk and even a stairstep – basically something you can rest on.)
  • stamp (“put down firmly”)

The word stem, even though it would fit right in here, does not belong to this family and instead comes from a different root.

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