Dictionary verb an verb *sta- Steuer steuern ansteuern


to head for something
(In the literal sense it's used for ships heading for a harbor, but you can also find it in a figurative sense of heading toward a goal. It's not very common though, and sounds a bit "business-y")
How useful:
to ping, to drive, to energize
(In the context of sending electrical signals to a device in order to make it work. )
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Word of the Day - "Steuer"

A fun look at the meaning of "die Steuer" and its brother "das Steuer" and the surprise connection between steering can taxation :). Also: a mention of "lenken"


das Steuer, die Steuer, steuerbord, die Steuererklärung, die Steuerung, die Mehrwertsteuer

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Root: *sta-
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