Dictionary verb unter verb he(runter) verb *sta- stellen unterstellen (bei) (d)runterstellen


to put down on the ground
(Something that was on a table for instance, implies a certain weight. Only works with "runter".)
to turn down
(In a sense of lower, but not off. The main use I can think of is a heater or a stove, but it's not useful beyond that. Can work with "herunter" and "runter")
to put something "under it/that"
(The focus is on the fact that the object then stands under whatever it is for a while, so the stationary part matters. That's why only "drunter" is really idiomatic. "runter" kind of works, "herunter" not at all.)


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Prefix Verbs Explained - "unterstellen"

"unterstellen" is both, separable and non-separable. Today, we'll learn which will help you against rain and which is generally not nice. Also: runterstellen.


unterstellen, sich unterstellen, die Unterstellung

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Root: *sta-
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